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Question hedges

hi yes i need some inexpensive protection from the elements children animals etc i have 48 canadian hemlock coming and need to protect my investment 8"to 15" upon arrival from the elements all advice will be appreciated im in missouri thanks
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Hello hilift and Welcme to DoItYourself.com

If you are talking about protection from desiccation by drying winds, there are antidesiccant sprays ( a waxy coating available at many nurseries and garden centres) which you can apply to the foliage of the evergreens which will help retain the moisture within the plants while they adjust to the transplant. You could also try putting up a burlap shield on the windward side of the hedgerow to help deflect the winds.

Kids are another problem... If you go the burlap route, maybe you could put up some chicken wire along with the fabric to stop them from running thru the hedge. Just be sure that anything you put up is visible - you don't want children running (or worse, riding their bikes) thru the hedges only to get clotheslined by a hidden obstacle. As much of a nuisance and eyesore as a visible barrier can be, better the warning to potential hazard than a law suit from angry parents... A bit of an extra cost, but a split rail fence along the outside of the hedge would serve as a warning and deterant to trespassing...

I'm going to move this post over to the Gardening Forum. MAybe others there have some ideas to help you out.

Good Luck

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Smile Protection

Hi hilift,

Was that the information you were looking for? Howie gave some very good tips, especially on the child safety issue.

Plant protection is taken to an art by gardeners. We must, everything is trying to eat us up LOL.

A row of beans, or all our ripe Cherries, plant protection is a Gardeners game A trip to you local Landscaping supply outlet should have many, of the tricks of or trade.

Let us know if you need any more ideas.

Good luck with them (Hemlocks), starting & growing well for you.
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alright thats some good idea with the chicken wire inexpensive and the split rail ihave 122 ft to cover i believe it will be feasible thanks people

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