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kerrie s
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On my potted plants I have little white bugs .. dont know how to treat my plants.. but on some insecticide but they flew all over the place .. can you tell me anything about this bug. and how to treat them to get rid of them.
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Hi Kerrie,
Welcome to the DIY Gardening forum! From what it sounds like, they might be whiteflies or aphids. What type of plant are they infecting, and do they seem to be coming from the soil, or the underside of the leaves? Some more information would help us further diagnose your problem. Also, feel free to check out the Pest Management sticky at the top of the forum that Marturo and I have compiled. There is a lot of good information in there that will help you out
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kerrie s
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more info on plants

ty bomber for the reply.. sorry about not enough info.. new to this.. my plants are palms , corn plant , peace lily.. the bug is around the base of the plants .. very tiny .. they have swarmed everywhere even onto my if you can help me i also need to know will they be harmful to us.. ty again .. i do love my plants and hope nothing happens to them..

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