Pulling Shrubs? Please help!


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Pulling Shrubs? Please help!

I am about to remove some large shrubs out this weekend, and someone mentioned that I should use a "come-a-long winch" for this.

Said I could rent one at Home Depot. Can anyone please advise on what this is? Is this something used to leverage the roots from the ground?

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removing shrubs

Doubt that you would rent one, I think they cost about $25, but HOW THE HECK BIG ARE THOSE SHRUBS, and more importantly what will you anchor the come-along to?
It's a spool of (1/4" or 3/8") cable, with a ratcheting action for winding it up. Depending on it's size can be used for pulling car engines, hauling boats up onto trailers, or even pulling shrubs. I realize this is a bad description, but if you could see my hands moving you would understand what I mean.
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Thanks, for the reply, Frank.

Yep, I found out that they are pretty inexpensive. Actually, I pulled the shrubs out the old-fashioned way. With a showel, a pruner, and a trowel.

They HUGE (about 20 years old), and took about six hours to pull three of them out.

Anyway, it all worked out for the best.

Thanks again

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