Shrubs/Trees for Privacy


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Shrubs/Trees for Privacy

I'd like to plant shrubs or trees to block off a portion of my yard from the street - for privacy. Can anyone suggest a type of tree or shrub to plant? I would like to plant aborvite - they are full and grow tall, but I am told that they require a lot of sunlight. I live on a wooded lot with a lot of trees and partial sunlight. I really only want to put up a fence as a last resort. Any suggestions? Thanks.

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If you want an evergreen up north, you may be looking at some of the hollies. Rhododendrum might do in the shade, but probably are not evergreen in Massachusetts.

Why not give your local nursery a call and see what they suggest. They will be much more familiar with what suits in your locale.
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I went to a nursery, but they only suggested a couple of different smaller shrubs. A house in my area has the front yard lined with Arborvite. It's beautiful. They stand about 10 feet tall and are nicely manicured so that it looks like one big wall. He has alot of sun though. I don't. I'll keep looking.
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Take a stroll thru Home Depot

I'm also looking for privacy and the nursery I contacted suggested hollies. I'm not sure I want that, so wandered thru Home Depot today and they have a decent selection of various things and all have tags that will tell you if it requires sun or shade, and how tall and wide it will grow. Their shurbs/trees seem a bit smaller than those at the nursery, but you may get an idea there than you can take back to the nursery.

Good luck,

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Thanks Beth!

I've gone to Home Depot, and even KMart, which actually has a pretty nice selection of shrubs. However, I haven't found anything that close to what I am looking for. Thanks for your input.

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I believe the following will due well in full shade.
Will grown very quickly and provide the privacy you may be looking for.

Choke Cherry
Hansa Roses
Sweet Box (Sarcacacca Confusa)

TMan in Wisconsin
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Thank TMan!

I'm going to see if I can find some pictures on the internet of the tree/shrubs you suggested.

Thanks again!

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The partial shade makes your quest more difficult as most shade oriented plants tend to grow weaker lloking and less dense.
You may wish to consider a vine/trellis affair. Depending on the run you wish to conceal you could try something informal like a trellis made of posts and wire with a vine that is partial shade tolerant. Virginia creeper or wild grape may work if the are appropriate for your area and shade.
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Call your local Dept. of Agriculture Extension Agent for hardy privacy plants that meet the growing requirements and your situation in your area. The Agent is a wonderful source of free info regarding all your gardening needs.
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When we were looking for the same thing, we wanted something that was quick growing. We went to a nursery and learned lugustrum(sic) is a good privacy bush that is easy to care for and fast growing. Many feet per year.
It is rated faster growing and a fuller wider leafier bush than hollies.

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