Aphids on sweet peas

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Arrow Aphids on sweet peas

Last year my sweet peas were infested with aphids, and by the time I realized it was aphids, it was too late to save the plants. I will do the soap solution on them this year should they make their appearance again. However, I was wondering if perhaps there might be a sort of treatment I could treat the seeds with before I plant them, that would repel the bugs that way? If not, I'll be on the alert for if and when I need to spray once the plants have become established.

thanks for any replies.
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Post Aphid Treatment

Hi Sweet_Peas!
Welcome to the DIY Gardening Forum Aphids are tricky in the sense that there really is no preventative maintainence that can be taken before hand. At least I am not aware of any off the top of my head, but perhaps the Pest Management sticky Marturo and I compiled at the top of the forum will be of some interest to you. The inseciticidal soap trick is a good idea, however, if you can attract some ladybugs to your garden with either goldenrod or Morning Glories, the ladybugs will feed on the aphid larvae before they have a chance to do any real damage.

Another trick for aphid control is a solution made out of garlic and hot peppers. Not only aphids, but it also repels rabbits who love tender young pea shoots. Bring 2 tablespoons of cayenne pepper and 6 cloves of sliced garlic to a rolling boil with 4 cups of water. Let the mixture steep for 3 days and then strain and pour into a spray bottle. Spray this solution on your plants, and you shouldnt have a problem

I know how much of a problem aphids can be once they set in. I have a dwarf grapefruit tree that is infected with aphids and scale. I have used two bottles of Neem, but I appear to be losing the battle. Don't worry though. With everyone's help here, you are bound to win yours
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Sweet Peas

Had aphids really bad on my Hoya last year after I put my houseplants outside. I tried hosing them off and it helped but only to a point. Forget where I read it, but I made a tea of equal amounts of fresh oregano and mint and sprayed that on the hoya twice a day, and there was no sign of them in 2 days time. Not really sure what it did other than get rid of the little nasties but that was my main concern anyway. We also use this tea on our orchids when the aphids get on them. You can stick it the refridgerator and it will last for almost ever. Ours has been in the fridge for almost a year. Skip said if you accidentally take a sip that it tastes gtood!!! Bound to have some medicinally properties!!!
Dawn and Skip

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