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My Friend Enjoys His Neighborhood BUT ....

My Friend Enjoys His Neighborhood BUT ....

Old 04-06-03, 10:02 PM
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My Friend Enjoys His Neighborhood BUT ....

Hello all,

My firend just moved to a new home and he told me that he enjoyed his new neighborhood. But he also told me one thing that bothers him. As the weather gets warmer and daylight saving is here, more kids are out and that is OK to him. But some of them climb on his evergreen tree in front of his house. His concerns are if accidents happen (falling from tree) he would be liable and that they are noisy (loosing privacy). He said he asked them not to climb but they would come back shortly and did it again on a daily basis.

I told him just build a fence to curb that. He said it might take a while for him to have enough $$ to build it. He is NOT internet active. So I post this question on his behalf to see if any of you have any suggestions of how to help him to resolve this problem.

I promise to relay your ideas to him. Thank you in advance to help my friend.

Old 04-07-03, 05:07 AM
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Here is a paraphrased anecdote from Dale Carnegie, I recall. A man had noisy neighborhood kids playing in his yard. To eliminate the problem, he told them that he would pay them a quarter a day to play there, after a few days he told them that he did not have a quarter, but gave them a dime a day, after a few more day, he went to a nickel. When he said he was out of money, they quit coming.

Alternatively, he might enlist the children's parents in having the children stay away.

He could put out a sprinkler for that part of the yard during the appropriate times.
Old 04-07-03, 08:58 AM
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Thanks, Chris, for your reply.
I'll in turn inform my friend of what I hear from you.

Any more ideas, folks ?

Old 04-07-03, 11:14 PM
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Old fashioned idea.

Hi chau_ya,

Has your friend talked over the problems & dangers of their children, playing in his tree. Seems to me, that many Parents would like to know & take it from there.

I have had, more luck than I deserve in talking some sense into the kids, in our neck of the woods. The really don't get enough grownups to talk with them, & not down to them.

Old 04-08-03, 05:52 AM
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I guess I am naÔve, but I donít mind the kids climbing the trees in our front yard. But I can see the problem with it. Itís a sad day when kidís cant even climb a tree with out liability concerns.
Old 04-08-03, 06:20 AM
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Hello Marturo,

Thanks for your advice. Yours is one of the ways to solve the problem. If this woks, it is a win-win solution. I definitely will make my friend aware of this.

And Matt, you are right. It is a sad thing nowadays that my friend has to worrry about this matter. But things have changed. Now people sue when they spill coffee on their laps or sue when they get fat for eating too much fast food ... In my friend's case he says he does not worry about the kids causing much problems but the adults who could bring up a law suit to him (if accidents occure). I agree with you : it is sad.

Thanks you all for helping.

Any more input ?

Old 04-09-03, 07:15 PM
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Public nuisance

Whether a tree, swing set, or swimming pool, or other item on your property that attracts children, you have a public nuisance situation. You can cut down the tree to eliminate it. You can fence the tree in and post no trespassing signs. Yet, because we live in a litigious culture, you are always set up for a law suit If someone is injured on your property, 9 times out of 10 you will be sued. Check with your homeowner's insurance to make sure you are adequately covered. Talking with parents of children may be helpful. Tell them up front (and you will be considered to be jerk and much worse in the neighborhood if you do) that if their children are injured on your property that they will be considered trespassers and your insurance will probably not cover them. Too, tell them you love children but you are concerned about their welfare. If removal of tree poses no property value loss, improves ventilation and sunlight around your home, go with tree removal.
Old 04-09-03, 08:07 PM
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We have a trampoline in our backyard and it makes me nervous. Yes, I have insurance (extra) because of it, but I know that if one of the children gets hurt I'm gonna get sued. Some of the children in the neighborhood are simply not allowed to jump at all since they can't follow the simple rules laid out for jump time. I just can't risk it. I'm the meanest woman on the street, but hey, I'd like to not risk my financial future for a few minutes of pleasure by a neighborhood kid.

I have the No Tresspassing signs posted on both front fences (6'), and also a lock on the gate. Sad that I have to do that but its a strange world we live in today.

Old 04-09-03, 09:59 PM
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Hello twelvepole

Hey, thank you much for your straight forward message. Your suggestions cover several aspects. I did talk to my friend of the idea to cut the tree down. My friend wonders if he has to get a permit from the city since this is an EVERGREEN. Based on your idea he is considering a "midway" solution that is cutting all the lower branches, only leave the higher ones intact, higher than 8 ft. He hopes that this will make the (climbing) job harder to do.

And Kay, I'm glad you've chipped in with your idea. You are NOT a mean person from what I understand. You just want to protect yourself, as my friend is trying to do. But Kay, please be careful. Some type of injuries can cost even more than any ins. coverage (like being paralyzed from the waist down) nobody knows. Good luck to you.

Thank you both. I and my friend are still open for more ideas from others.


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