frozen seeds


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frozen seeds

hi i put my seeds in the freezer for storage now i need to know if you thaw them out a few days before planting i got this info off of another site thanks
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Interesting. I find that the seeds from the plants that I don't like manage to do just fine lying on the ground freezing and thawing all winter long. The pesky things come up with a vengeance. I imagine that yours will do just fine planted straight from the freezer.

By the way, what seeds are they? I know that many seeds have to have some treatment other than just planting in order to grow. Some won't sprout unless they have the treatment equivalent of a trip through a bird.

We had enough cold, long enough that my tulips that have been in the ground for years bloomed.
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I keep my seeds in a jar in the refridgerator, I have read that the freezer is too cold plus its a moist cold and that it can cause poor germination. What kind of seeds are they?
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hi they are green beans im gonna plant them today i set them out last nite so we will see in a wk or so thanks
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Smile A big help, for big seeds like Beans.

Hi hilift, Welcome to DIYs Garden Forum

For many years now, we have presoaked our Bean seeds & Corn+ other large seeds, overnight to swell them up, for a good fast start. Our seeds will start from 3 to 7 days sooner than dry planted seed.

Make sure you keep the soil moist, untill the plants are up & growing well.

Hope that helps, get them started a little faster for you

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