apricot tree


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art nunez
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apricot tree

I have an apricot tree that I bought five years ago. The tree is now about ten feet tall, very healthy, every year it has lots of blooms and some of the apricots get about the size of an apple seed and I get all excited ,thinking that I'm going to have lots of apricots. But alas, they begin to drop off a few at a time until I wind up with one to four apricots. This year it looks like I'll have three. Can someone tell me whats wrong? I live in Santa Barbara Ca. We have had no frost.
Thanks in advance Art
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Apricot tree

Fruit trees need a certain number of hours of below 45F temperatures in order for the tree to properly begin the flowering and fruiting cycle. This is called Chill Requirement. If the chill requirement has not been met, the tree will either not bear fruit, bear fruit only intermittently, or bear fruit in two year cycles. Contact your local Dept. of Agriculture Extension Agent to learn about your area's chill as well as other info about growing apricots in your area. I believe in Santa Barbara that the average winter temp is about 56. Chilling Requirement will vary depending upon what type of variety of apricot tree you have. Selecting stone fruit varieties that do well in your mild climate will tend to yield you good fruit production.

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