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Talking Preparing soil

My hubby just pulled some large shrubs from the front of my house....of course it left some large holes and now I want to prepare it to plants some flowers and such. The dirt is black. Should I add sand or compost to fill in the large holes. This is in Texas in case that helps
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Hi Alycyn

Welcome to the DIY Gardening forum! What type of shubbery did your husband put in? Not all plants react the same to the same soil. Can you give us some more details?
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oh man...I am so new to I dont have any idea.

I can tell you it is those bushes that can grow tall and everyone here in texas shapes it like a ball or square, with small leaves.

Sorry but I dont know my plants very well...hope that can help.
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Hi Aly

I think if you plan on using the space for a flower bed. That's a good reason to use some good quality potting soil. Any potting soil says it contains Forest products, don't buy it. The large Bags of Potting soil found at super stores is nothing but poorly composted Tree Bark full of bug eggs.

I find used or spent Mushroom Compost for large amounts of a black lomey dirt base to build with plant foods a good inexpensieve source of garden fill dirt. For the small amount you need I would suggest Sunshine Mix or a quality Soiless mix. It cost some more than the cheap bark dirt but you will have better soil for it.

Have you got a good sourse of bags of good Compost? I would think you have enough sand now. What do you think?

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Thanks everyone for your quick answers.....I am definitely going to add some compost, once I get all the roots dug out.

And I still do not know what kind of plants or flowers that I am going to add...Any suggestions will be nice. I get full sun in the morning since it is in front of the house and then shade once the sun is on the other side of the house. Thanks
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Smile Planing a Garden

Hi Aly

We have a surprise for you First seeds do start well in the ground as long as they are kept moist. You don't need to buy those Wal-Mart discount plants.

A pkt of seed will allow you to plan a Garden much better. So where's the surprise?

Up at the begining of the board, we have collected comments from our fellow Gardners, in (Who do you trust to buy seed from?) Also we have put together a quich learning guide of links, in (Pest Management)

For allmost everything else to do with Growing plants check out (Useful Garden Links)

With all that for you, to find many more answers than you have questions just yet.

I have a corner where it faces South. In the back I have yellow Echinacae in a back border for a Blackeyed Susan look, all season. In the center, I am training a Russion Olive into a small tree form. In the front I have a 6" inch tall border of Lavender. So with bulbs for Spring Color, & annuals between in height from 16" to 6" inches in the center. This little corner has color all season long. Match plant heights, so not to shade shorter plants.

You can look at other Gardens, but your garden will grow in ideas, like the plants that grow there. It will take a couple years to fill in and start looking lived in

Good luck & have fun.

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