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i have a bad drainage problem in my backyard. the previous own-ers had a above ground pool which they removed. now there is a large puddle everytime it rains. the kids can't go back there for days. also there are 1/2 inch pebbles(about 4"layer of pebbles , then sand about 4" underneath the pebbles, then a layer of thick plastic) where the pool used to be. now i want to start all over . but how? i want to plant a veg. garden. a new lawn. and make the ground all leveled. i don't have alot of money to do this, but i'm willing to take my time. where do i start first. how do i correct the drainage problem?
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My first thought is to remove the plastic because it would keep the water from settling all the way into the soil. Of course, that would require removing the rocks. I guess you could pile them for later use. The sand would be handy for adding to any clay you may have to improve permeability. Where the pool was may be the very place.

After all this, any depression could be filled with soil to bring it up to grade so that it would not collect water.

At this point you may be too tired to plant anything.

Deciding what you want to plant, having the soil tested to see what needs to be added to it. tilling the soil and adding amendments such as compost, peat moss, and such as needed.

There are many different approaches to what to add to the soil. A raised bed might be a good idea to avoid standing water problems with bed later on.

You have your work cut out for you. Hope this helps.

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