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Angry alberta peach tree

my peach tree has some white gunk on limbs, does anyone know of natural treatment for fruit trees?? i live in deep south and it does get hot in summertime.
i also have had success with planting fruit seed from fruit i buy at grocery store, however, the one alberta peach tree i have bought has more problems than those i have grown from seed....
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Why not go to the Pest Management Sticky. Look for links in there on identifing Pests, put a name on this white gunk, for us. We have many new and powerful, Natural Pesticides we did not have 5 short years ago.

Also don't forget that the P.M. Sticky, is set up, to identify, determine Good X Bad Bug, & Destroy pests if they are bad bugs.

Due to a long cool wet spell, I have 2 branches on a peach tree with (Peach Leaf Curl) a fungus. I only can use Neem Oil, & hope it won't drop all it's fruit.

Let us know when you find the pictures, & we can then give our best advice.

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