Putting down gravel


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Putting down gravel

Hey folks.

Sorry if this is a simple question, but I want to be sure to get it right!

I'm currently doing up (deforesting my garden, and I want to put some gravel down. I'm figuring on a patch roughly 3m by 4m by 2-5cm deep.

What I need to know is how I should prepare the ground. I have heard that i should line the area with plastic sheeting. Is this correct? Will it not create a problem with drainage? I have also heard that sand can be used -- would this be a better option?

Any advice, links, tales of woe, etc, appreciated!

Thanks very much.

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You should be fine just with plastic landscaping marital. Itís hard to say what you will need for drainage because you did not tell us the details of the location of where you want to put your gravel.
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Hi, tommyp

Since you are our eyes, we need a little more information about the project.

Let us know what we have to work with, and how you see it done & being used. I'm sure we can find some helpful information for you to use, for your project.

Thanks, tommyp
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Hi Tommyp

May as well add my 2 cents worth...

I'd be inclined to use some sort of barrier between the ground and the gravel so that if you decide to remove the gravel, it will be easier to separate from the soil.

If you have access to it, I'd go with Landscape Fabric instead of the plastic - plastic will break down over a few seasons and drainage could be an issue (it won't allow moisture to pass either up from the ground or down to plants in the area.

But as Marturo & WeldGod have indicated, it is hard to make recommendations without a few more details.

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Thanks for the replies, everyone!

I hadn't realised that location was going to be such a problem -- but here's the basic setup:

The garden in the house i recently moved into is a bit of a nightmare. The house is largely built into a hill, so the 'garden' (read: weed patch) consists of a steep slope and a flat top. I plan to use terracing to even out the slope a little, and then lay gravel on the flat top. I chose gravel as it is relatively low-maintenance (i don't have a lot of time i could give over to maintenance); it is relatively instant (i could use it right away, whereas a lawn would take time to develop); and it requires no cutting like a lawn would -- i have nowhere to store a lawnmower.

So, essentially, the gravelled area is a 3 by 4 (ish) meter area on top of a slope. The terracing should provide enough structural strength to support the ton or so of gravel that i think i'll need.

Does this help at all?

Thanks for your help!


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