groundcover dying


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groundcover dying

I have japanese landscapping, with various groundcovers. Problem is that one variety of fern seems to yellow and eventually die. These are scattered around various beds, and are inconsistent in terms of their health. One healthy one lives next to a dying one which is next to several healthy ones which.....

Any answer? What can I use to stop the yellowing and dying?
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Japanese ferns

Without knowing exactly what fern has challenged you, it is difficult to speculate. Some may or may not be Zone hardy for you. Others can be tempermental about soil, light, and moisture conditions. And, you could be looking at challenges with disease and insects. Despite labels that Japanese painted ferns can tolerate some sun, they tend to prefer shade. As with the Japanese Shield (Copper) Fern and others, these prefer moist, humus rich soil. Typically, ferns prefer cooler temps, humidity and moisture, and understory locations. Scale insects are often overlooked on ferns because growers may mistake them for spores. In general, ferns are not happy with insecticides, but there are insecticides available which ferns can tolerate with minimal damage. Drainage is another issue. Although ferns prefer moist soil, if it is too wet, you may experience root rot and yellowing. Plants can also be planted too closely which may result in competition for moisture by roots if moisture levels are not properly maintained. Perhaps you can identify your fern and provide additional info about its growing conditions, so fern lovers and provide you with additional insight.
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groundcover dying

The plans are green mound juniper. They are on raised beds, watered once/week now, twice/week when temperatures consistently are in the 90s and over. They are difference ages, anywhere from 1 year to new, sized anywhere from 5 gallon on up. In my research looks like Juniper blight could be the problem.

Anyone successfully treated this? Looks like a protective fungicide should be applied regularly, perhaps Benlate 50WP, Tersan 1991, or Mancozeb.

Anyone have experience with these, or can suggest otherwise. Please respond ASAP...
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Hello ccaruth

I've moved your questionover to the Gardens forum - hope someone can help you with your questions


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