Corn Planting Plan


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Corn Planting Plan

I have seeds for an early sweet corn with 71 days to harvest and seeds for a 78 day to harvest corn. I just planted 6 rows of the early to get started and still have more seeds. What would be a good planting plan to plant next in order to extend my harvest as long as possible. i.e. Do I wait a week and plant more early, wait another week plant the 78 day, wait a week plant more 78. This is my first attempt at a vegetable garden. I have an area about 100x120 ft ready for it. Any suggestions to give me an idea what to do would be appreciated. Thanks.
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There's really not that much difference between the 71 and 78 day corn. Waiting about 10 days or two weeks betwwen plantings has always worked well for me.

You'll have much better germination results with seeds that are planted later in May. Your soil temp is still quite cool and some seed will rot and not germinate in cold damp soil.

Instead of planting in long rows, plant in blocks of short rows with plantings as close as 12 to 15 inches. The corn will pollinate better giving a full ear of kernels.

And good luck with keeping out the deer and raccoons. They have an uncanny sense of smell just when the corn is about to be picked.


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