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Question Landscaping

I am in NJ and I am planning to do landscaping. Would appreciate your input in clearing my doubt in bed preparaion across my driveway. As per my understanding I will do...

1. 2-3 inches of digging.
2. Put weed protector sheet with cuts where I will be planting my bushes.
3. Plant bushes/shrubs.
4. Fill the are with mulch.

Am I correct or should I dig more and add some soil too?

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Having your soil tested would give you valuable information about what to add. Soil test kits are available from the hardware store.

Hope this helps.
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Hello chakde

Having your soil tested is always a good first step. Results using a hardware store kit will give you an idea about pH (roughly) and possibly a bit more info, but sometimes can be misleading if you misinterperate the results. You might want to check with your local County Agent to see how much they charge to have a test done. Here is a link to a list of Cooperative Extensions:

Do you know what type of soil you have (sand/silt/clay) and how much organic matter is in it? Texture, porosity and water holding capacity are also important. As well, what do you intend on growing - some plants like a drier soil while others prefer wetter.

I'd be inclined to dig at least a shovel depth (~10") if you are going to incorporate any new materials with the existing. Landscape fabric and mulch will help retain moisture and keep weeds down.

I'm going to move your post over to the Gardening forum - you should get some good advice there.

Good Luck


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