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I used this in the past at my mother's house in an attempt to solve a deer problem and it worked very well. My question is this, does milorganite keep most animals from eating plants, such as rabbits. Also, is this stuff a fertilizer, because if I remember correctly, the hostas at her house took off the year we started using it. Thanks in advance.
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Milorganite is a type of sewage/sludge fertilizer first produced and marketed in Milwaukee. The fertilizer analysis is 5-2-0 and slightly acidic.

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Thanks. Any other information about this product? I was initially directed to use this as a means of keeping deer from feasting on our plants and it really did work. Was this just dumb luck? In terms of fertilizing beds, can somebody please compare milorganite to Preen for gardens, which claims to act not only as a fertilizer, but also weed control/prevention.
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Smile Choosing the right food & Herbacide

Hi whales Welcome to DIYs Garden Forum

This link will tell you everything you need to know, about Milorganite.

To find a plant food + herbacide for your lawn, do or have a soil test done. With the test results in hand, you will have what you need. Now to choose the right brand & ingredents to have a rich healthy lawn.

Take this soilt test report to your local Nursery, & ask for the right plant food, with Broadleaf heracide + peteletized limestone in 40# bag, if Ph correction is needed.

For those with a desire not, to use Human Sewage (Milorganite) do not use this product. It is not accepted as a Plant food for food crops, by the USDA, for Organic certified Growers.

Please look through our helpful stickys also & you will find other links, that will answer more questions than you thought you had

Good luck with your project, Whales

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