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I have volunteered to help plant a plot approx. 4 ft. x 50 ft. that is located between a parking lot and a city street. It's in direct sun all day. From what I'm told everything that has been planted in the past has died. Does anyone have an idea of what to plant here that might live? There is a huge rock in the middle. I think we would want to stay at 4 ft. tall or under on the plants, but I'm interested in any ideas. I thought maybe daylillies or grasses but I don't know which ones are more tolerant of heat and exhaust fumes. I'm in zone 5.
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Hi gmk Welcome to DIYs Garden Forum

Perhaps it's not so much what you plant, as is the soil & treatment after planting we should look at first.

Soil tests, Water, Mulch, feeding, just a few things you could tell us now in order to better help you with your task.

You are our eyes, & we depend on you to see & discribe the needs of, & how you are providing what your plants need. Full sun plant are the easiest plants to choose, but with full sun comes a real need for adquate water.

You may even need to spray with an antitranspirant, A natural product called Vapor Guard, made by Miller to keep more water inside the plant. A real life saver when it's real hot and dry or when water is scarce.

There's a lot to know, so we will be looking for your return post.

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