Water Gardens / Ponds


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Water Gardens / Ponds

Has anyone put in a pond before? I called a company to do it for me and they want about 5K, so I figured I'd try to do it myself and save a buck or two. However, in trying to save a buck or two, I don't want spend a bunch of money, have it fail, and then have to hire these guys anyway so it's done right. Any ideas? Keep in mind, this thing isn't huge but it's going to be about tripple the size of the preformed store bought kind, shaped somewhat like a kidney.
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Smile Garden Pond

Hi Whiplash4ever Welcome to DIY Garden Forum.

I believe you have come to the right place, although you may have to visit a few other Forums before it's all done.

I'm not the one who will answer the hows & whats due to my lack of small pound building experience to help you with that.
Pond & water plants that's more my line.

As far as can you do it. Of course you can, why else would you come to Do it Yourself ? I figure if someone else can do it, so can I, do it myself. Plus it will turn out the way you want it to.

Once again, welcome to our Forum & please check out our Links, in the Stickys for you to gather information on Gardening ect.
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Well thank you

Any ideas on which forums I might have to try before all is said and done? I'm looking to do this, this summer but I want to know what I'm doing before I start. I'm not a learn as I go type of fella.

I might be bugging you on what grows well in a pond once it's done. I plan on having Koi in there too, so I need something that will set the pond of without becoming a meal
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Smile Lines in the water

Hi Whiplash4ever

I believe I would post with as much detail in, Plumbing, Architecture & Codes, Pools Spas & Hot Tubs, Bricks Masonry & Concrete. Won't cost a dime & you might get lucky.

Every group has a Magazine, & now a web site. I would search out every forums & news group that has anything to do with outdoor Aquaculture & garden ponds.

Do a search with Google.com & try Aquaculture, Garden Ponds, Koi (the Fish some call Carp but comes in colors) I to like to be well read ahead, I find that it goes better everytime.

The only thing you get with to many questions is enough answers.
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start with the yp

Kudos to you for wanting to avoid the kiddie pool ponds.
Now, don't sell project or yourself short it by concentrating on the big boxes for knowledge and supplies.

Start with the yellow pages. Find one or two companies that sell the materials needed and visit them. They sell the pumps, etc (perhaps even kits) to diyers. Its in their best interest to offer good advice. They will have the liners, pumps, piping, etc. Probably, they will also have the plants and lights, too.
They will have ponds on site to give you ideas.Let them know how big it will be and they guide you to the proper size pump. Then buy the materials from them.

Then try a google search as Marturo suggests.
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The guys are right. Go a google search on water pond construction. You'll find dozens of diy construction sites, with pictures.
here are a couple good ones I bookmarked last year:



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Hello Whiplash4ever

I built a pond and waterfall a couple years ago, but before building it attended a "Build a Pond Day" where a bunch of Contractors and Homeowners paid a small fee to get hands on experience while building someone elses' pond. Seemed an odd concept to pay to build someone else's landscape, but in the long run, it was worth the investment in time and money (and when we bought the DIY kit from the people sponsoring the day, our cost was recovered from the cost of the kit).

The kit the we used is an Aquascape kit, but there are many others available. Very happy with ours.

You might try asking for information at your local Nursery or Garden Centre or check the Yellow Pages for Ponds. Or you could type Aquascape in a good search engine and follow the links to see if there is a similar program where you are.

Good Luck - it is a very do-able project - best part is sitting out by the pond in the evening, watching the fish an knowing the you've done it all yourself


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