Flowering Lilac Bush


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Flowering Lilac Bush

Two of my neighbors have about 4 ft tall flowering lilac bushes in the front of their condos. They are gorgeous and are in bloom right now (Michigan).

The maintenance people today took out of my front yard a small fir tree that was dying and a small bush they planted last year that died. As a result, it looks STARK!

I would like to plant one of those flowering lilac bushes. It would probably take years to grow from seed so if I buy one that is already 3-4 ft tall, how do I plant it? How big a hole do I have to dig?

(Bear in mind I have hardly planted a thing in my life!)

Also, the flowers on the bushes are a deep lavendar. Do these come in pink at all?

How long do they flower? I'd love to have something that flowers all spring, summer and fall but I don't know if that's asking for a miracle.
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Lilacs come in multiple colors, including pink and white. Check around at different nurseries for a good price - be prepared for a bit of sticker shock. You may find a three foot lilac that is already blooming.
Just dig a hole slightly larger than the bought container, mixing in a small amount of peat or humus won't hurt. Plant at the same depth as in the pot.

"I'd love to have something that flowers all spring, summer and fall but I don't know if that's asking for a miracle."
Miracle - nearly! Lilacs will only bloom for about two to three weeks. Consider planting some flowers underneath it.

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If your neighbors' lilacs have been in the ground long enough, there might be lots of runners that are easy to transplant. That's how I've gotten mine in the past. And they are very fast growing once they are transplanted.
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I just purchased a "donald Wyman" lilac. This variety has a deep pink-purple flower and gets to be about 10 ft tall. It is about 4 ft from pot to top and I paid $24.99 from what I consider to be a pricey garden center. ( Just didn't want to run all over looking for a cheaper price.) The next day I also saw a larger one at COSTCO for $19.99. I was really suprised by the quality and price. If you have one near you maybe you could check there. Hope this info helps.

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