veggie garden spacing


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veggie garden spacing

I need some help planning a veggie garden, particularly spacing of the plants. I plan to till an area of my yard & till in some peat. Then I will lay some landscape fabric down, cut holes and plant my stuff. I need help determining spacing so I can lay it out and determine how much of an area to till. I picked up seedlings (4"-6") from a garden center.

I have big boy and cherry tomatoes, gold and green peppers, eggplant, zuchinni, basil, cantoloupe and watermelon. Can someone suggest spacing for this stuff. I've done tomatoes before and figure about 24" spacing, not sure on the other stuff though. Should I just do 24" spacing for everything? Do I need cages for peppers or I can do without? Any other suggestions? Thanks for your input.
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Ordinarily, the plants have labels in the form of stakes in the pots that tell either recommended spacing of the eventual size of the plant. You want to space the plants so that others do not shade them and they don't grow into each other.

24" ought to do for everything except the vines which will merit 6 feet.

Peppers should be self-supporting. If the abundant crop tends to overload the plant, a stake might help.

A soil test can tell you if you need to add anything to the soil.

Hope this helps.
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Thanks Chris. The labels/stakes didn't have instructions, but I'm good to go. Time to go tillin'.


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