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Any flowering help would be greatly appreciated. What type of perennials offer the best cover and color? I live outside of Philadelphia
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Perennials!. My vice besides golf! That's all I buy.
My advice is to purchase a couple inexpensive perennial books.
Most nursery bought perennials are on the small side and will take a year or two to get decent size. And do alot of window shopping. I hit every nursery in the area every couple weeks looking for something new. Buy what YOU like.
One of the better Rule's of Thumb is large plants in the back, short plants up front. I mix colors that some "gardening designers" would probably laugh at. But I have what I like.
I bought one perennial designing book (320 pages). A waste of my money. Get books that have nice pictures, show gardening zones, list size of mature plants, soil requirements, and possibly propagation techniques.

PS - alot of info here:
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thanks for the info
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xphilly, I also buy a couple at a time. I plant them in different areas. I've found that some will do well in one spot and not in another. It gives you a chance to experiment and they are easy to move or divide. Also, check to see how much they spread. I've had a few get totally out of control...even spread into the lawn.

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