Tree Stump Removal


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Tree Stump Removal


I had a young Tulip tree cut down recently, at ground level, and I was wondering what to do about the stump and the roots in the ground. Is there a good way to insure it is dead without digging it out? The root system is quite extensive so digging it out isn't really an option.

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You can keep any new growth cut off, and the stump will eventually die. You could allow some new growth to develop and spray with a herbicide and kill the plant. There are commercial stump treatment products that will take care of the stump. Often, these are applied to the stump through holes bored into the stump. A stump grinding machine can be used to grind the stump in place.

Hope this helps.
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I had problems with two stumps. One was of a dead tree. I kept hacking away at it with an axe and chain saw until I finally got it to ground level. Then I put some soil on it and planted grass seed.

The other stump was of a live tree. It was too tough to hack! All the chemical methods (i.e., boring holes and pouring stuff down them) were taking too long. So I finally had the stump ground down. I forget the cost, maybe it was around $250-300.

Hope this helps.
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i moved into a home ;ast year and we have a 3 foot diameter stump that is 5 inches above ground. i may have it professionally removed....... but being that big i do not think even a professional will get it all and i will get mushrooms, mold, etc. any thoughts?

at my previous hous i have a 1 foot diameter stump ground out and i did get mushrooms for a year or two but then they stopped - this new stump is huge and the root are at ground level many feet away...... again i am thinking that a few hundred dollars is too much if it will not be 100% gone.

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