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Hi there ,
I would like to know how to multiply clematis
Thank you
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Here is something from the American Clematis Society.

Q: Can I take a cutting from my friend's Clematis?:
Yes, you can root Clematis cuttings. There are many books on propagation and it would be a good idea for you to borrow one from the library because it is rather lengthy to explain. Here are a couple of tips for propagating Clematis from cuttings: take the young shoot in the summer months and dip it into a rooting compound and also place it in a sterilized planting medium.

Hope this helps.
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Clematis Propagation

As indicated, cutting should be made early on with soft wood cuttings. Yet, this is a challenge. Most folks tend to opt purchasing new bulbs. Wilting of cuttings for just a few minutes can damage them.

Folks who are really into propagation snip off all the leaves and cover each trench adjacent to plants with soil, mulch with compost and water well. By the next spring, the clematis vines that were buried take root. Runners will root and put up shoots. And shoots tend to bloom that spring.

If you wish to transplant, do so in fall. Throw in a few handfuls of compost and a cupof lime, depending upon soil conditions. .

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