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Does anyone know how to grow trees from seeds/pits?

Does anyone know how to grow trees from seeds/pits?


Old 06-25-03, 08:03 AM
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Does anyone know how to grow trees from seeds/pits?

I'm not sure how to put the question.

I looked over the saving and growing from one's own seeds thread, but didn't seem to include this.

I've also looked online and the ONE place I found instructions about this it didn't work. It was putting the seeds in bag of wet dirt or peat moss in the refrigerator for several weeks before planting.

What I'd like to do is, save seeds from apples, oranges- peach pits, cherry pits, etc. And get them to sprout and grow.

I've tried this before with my children and now have a 4 year old granddaughter living with me.

I've tried (over the years) sticking them in a pot of dirt, or first drying them then soaking them in water, or just soaking them in water first. Also the "put them in the refrigerator for 6 weeks or so" bit.

I've also tried thowing them out into the yard.

My mother (who lived in coastal Massachusetts) once had a peach tree grow in her hard, where a peach pit had fallen! It grew year after year (in spite of the winters) and every year had peaches on it.

I now live in Vermont and there's a bush on the side of the road that gets red berries on it every summer, my neighbor says is a "cranberry bush" that must have grown there when someone threw something out of a car (people driving along eating cranberries and threw one out with a seed/pit in it?) I told this to someone who said they thought cranberries didn't grow on trees, but grow in bogs. Maybe this is a different variety.

I've never found out how, or been able to actually DO this.

I once tried buying those "mini fruit tree plants" from a mail order place (that seem so nice and claim to smell nice, etc) and they died.

I've looked at library books and now online. Well, off and on, as I think of it.

I was eating cherries this morning and thought of it again.

Now I have some cherry pits here. How do I get them to sprout and maybe grow into trees?

And if I can, is it possible to keep them in pots in the house, or so I can bring them inside in the winter?

I am aware that fruit trees need to be pollunated- and bees do this. Or, maybe it can be done by hand.

And probably most fruit trees are grown from cuttings and not seeds? I mainly wanted to do it to see if I can, sort of for fun.


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Here's some information based on your location.


If you want to grow plants from seeds, it may be necessary to research each individual plant cultivar to see what is necessary to have it sprout. Some seeds require refrigeration, others scarifying, others drying. Then some fruits that we have today are such hybrids that the seeds don't germinate at all.

Hope this helps.
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Maybe that is the key, the fruits are hybrids and won't sprout anyway?

My mother used to say when she was young (early 1900's!) she got several grapefruit seeds to sprout and they grew quite big in pots.

If I remember right she said they had blossoms. I don't know about grapefruit.

I wanted to do it more for fun, and now for my granddaughter.

If it's too complicated it's probably not worth the bother.

I started out thinking it was a matter of planting the seeds and pits in a pot of dirt!

~ Carrie
Old 06-25-03, 12:35 PM
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Smile The Story of a seed.

Hi starchild Welcome to DIYs Garden Forum

Growing and saving Vegetable seeds is what we do, for part of our living. Starting in 1972 you can believe, we have started, quite a few unuasual seeds.

As we learned more about the nature of how a seed becames a named plant, it became much more understanable to us. I have a Farmer Friend down the road ( Beefalo) who had a Marigold, that is very unique. So much so, from what is named, that they took out a Plant Protected Patent on it.

I have some & rebreed them with their own kind. Soon you will see the Buffalo Marigold in the Catalogs for sale. It is not a Hybrid & it was found growing only, on this 178 year old farm.

Now if I grew this Marigold with another nonHybrid for a seasons & kept that seed. Then I used that seed to breed to it'self for a few seasons, I just may, have a new plant to name. It still will not be a Hybrid.

Trees like our Antique Apples & others as well, are grafted to special root stocks. Now we have started seed for let's say a strong wild Crab apple. When it has grown large enough we cut it off 6 inches above the soil of the 10 gallon Pot.

Now you can take a nice straight cutting from a Ribston Pipin in winter & graft the Apple to the Crab Apple root stock. This is how it is done & if you want to make a Hobby of it, it takes a lot of patience. We buy our Trees from trees of Antiquity the link is in the useful Garden Links STICKY We sell the fruit, so it's much faster to get our Semi Dwarf Antiques, up and ready for sale that way.

Now the Mango (South American Peach) seeds I grew in Panama, were from wild Mangos, I found in the Jungle. I was very young but the Trees I planted in the early 60s, are large today & full of Mangos

Starting & saving seeds for us is Business, & started from a Hobby. It's a lot of fun to start a seed, just to see what a young Papya tree looks like. So keep up the fun of starting seeds for fun and learning. However when it comes to a Tree try an Apple that came about in England back in the 1300s. Grafted to a Semi Dwarf root stock, & enjoy a taste not found in the Grocery stores of today.

Farming only Antiques, Heirlooms & Open Pollenated Fruit & Vegetables, have given us the chance to tend a plant from Seed, to Seed. Many Gardeners who buy Hybrid seed new every year, seldom get to see the whole process, the plant goes through in it's life.

We live in a time of history, that you have a great chance of finding many Trees & Plants, we thought were gone forever. Thanks to the people who kept or found, so many of the old plants, we can find so much more to grow, & enjoy today & it's getting better.
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We have some "wild" apple trees out back, but the apples aren't really edible.

I remember my parents had an apple tree in their back yard with another variety grafted on to one branch. I think my grandfather had done it.

I love the idea of seeds and starting cuttings (I joke and say I have a black thumb- but I think the key is to not pay too much attention to the seedlings, planets, etc)

My grandfather and later my father had greenhouses- my grandfather as a business, and my father more as a hobby.

Some day (when I write a best seller novel and I'm rich) I'll have a greenhouse/sunporch (solar heated in winter) full of plants.

~ Carrie
Old 06-25-03, 08:23 PM
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Cool Of plants & People.

Carrie I believe you allready have learned, what take some Gardeners, a lifetime to learn.

You said: but I think the key is to not pay too much attention to the seedlings, plants, etc)

How I have asked, did those beautful Jungles & Forrest grow so well before Man came along? With our Fertelizers & Toxic sprays

Be at one with nature in your Garden. You may not get another chance, until you return again
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