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Unhappy magnolia tree

We have a 5 year old Magnolia tree,11' high, that does not produce very many blossoms. Here in southern Ontario Can. over the past 3-4 years our summers have been unseasonally hot and dry. Due to the lack of rain our municipalitys have watering bans that last from June to September.
This season especially we have noticed that the tree bloomed late,( late June), and there are fewer leaves left on the branches. It has filled out only 50% with leaves.
Does this sound like a disease or a lack of watering? Is there a special fertiliser we can use around the soil to boost its growth? How often should we water around the roots and how much?
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Hi fin man Welcome to DIYs Garden Forum

This has been a very unuasul Season so far. We are miles apart yet both areas have too much rain or not enough.

My point is, the other day while picking up Farm supplies I said to the owner. You know after 5 years without rain, I can see the Trees have grown already. You mean your Trees? No I said, the wild trees everywhere.

Now I can't prove that, but even if it wern't true, I can't judge a Trees performance in only 1 year. Unless you see a problem (Ozzing holes etc) with the Tree, you should not worry about illness.

I use the planting Auger by Hound Dog to dig 1 foot holes every 3 to 5 feet apart on the trees drip line. Use a 5-10-15 for Flowering Trees, use 3 cups of the granulated plant food per hole.
Pack all the dirt back in the holes & the grass will grow back in 2 weeks if you toss a little grass seed down.

You can buy the Expensieve Tree stakes, but unless you drive them down to 1 foot. All they do is feed the Grass & make a bright green spot.

All plant foods need water to carry it into and around the Tree, so food alone, will not help this tree grow better. Drip irigation will work well for Trees, and use's very little water doing it.

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