Celery and Oregano Plants


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Celery and Oregano Plants

Hi. I got two celery and oregano plants as presents.

I noticed that the stems are not very strong. The plants were drooping soon after a few days.

Am I supposed to cut the stems and eat them and wait for new ones to grow back?
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Hi rreyes

On the celery, just plant it outside or in a 1 gallon pot. You can use the leaves or a stem or 2, & they grow long after the first frost, just getting sweeter & Crisper.

The oregano can be put in a 6 inch pot & fed with a good plant food, every 2 weeks. When you need some oregano leaf, you just pluck off about 6 or 8 leaves, & use for soups & Pizzia.

People are discorvering the fresher and stronger taste's, of fresh herbs & Spices today. Many keep small pots of these herbs in their window sills, for use fresh when needed. Most dried herbs & spices can be a year or more old, by the time it's bottled for sale.

When I sell some potatoes to someone, & grab a handful of fresh Rosemary to give them, for Fried Rosemary Potatoes. I seldom go to the Super Market & never knew that 5 or 6 sprigs of Rosemary, and many others, cost $2.79 for a tiny baggie.

For now, I would make sure they had water. Don't over water them, but also never let a plant, wilt either.

To learn more about your new beginings, as a culinary Herb grower. Do some searches on www.google.com searches like ( Kitchen Herb gardens) ( Growing Celery ) ( Cooking Herbs ) Just ask questions about, what you are interested in.

Did I answer you questions? Ask anytime, we are here to help

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