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anything wanted

hi, im 16, from the UK, and wanting to start to grow some plants and-or trees to sell on E-Bay. Was just wondering if anyone can help me as to where to get seeds, or what stuff i should consider growing.

I was thinking of growing rare/exotic and plants used for herbal remedies. Not the normal plants you find.

Any info/feedback would be great!

Thanks anyway,

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Hi Lewys Welcome to DIYs Garden Forum

First thing you would need to do. Check out the laws dealing with transporting plants internationaly, if you plan on shipping to other Countrys.

You seem to understand already that you need a Niche of your own. We have a small Farm where we grow Antique Fruit & Heirloom Vegetables. People buy what they can't find in the Super Market.

We tried Meditional Herbs but that's filled with giant Companies. still wanting an herb line we found Culinary Herbs were a safe bet for a little extra money, but anyone can grow them at home.

We have seen a return of the Hippy here in the US, & they have moved to the country like their Parents did in the 60s & they are all looking for something different to grow/make & sell. Something unusual like exotic plants may not be so exotic as they once were.

I was in the checkout line @ a big super store called Wal-Mart. Right on the shelf, I saw 3 different carnivorus plants. I remember paying a good bit for that plant, 20 some years ago & here they were selling for pocket change today.

Don't give up your dreams, but do check on everything before you get started. One thing is to search for sites with forums about selling online & find out what your compitition looks like. Go check their sites & see what they are growing & how much they charge.

Gook luck to you.

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