Question about carrot plants?


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Smile Question about carrot plants?

I just planted carrot plants this year for the first time. The are growning great. The plants seems to be about 1' tall. They seem to resemble fern like plants. My question is about how long I should let them grow. I don't know when to pick them. I was told that when I can see a orange or carrot related color at the base of the plant it is time to pick them. If anyone could give me some advice I would gratefully appreciate it.

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Smile When do I harvest Carrots

Hi Peter Welcome to DIYs Garden Forum

Carrots are easy to grow & use. You can get some ideas from the seed packt, but in truth carrots can be harvested as Baby, all the way up to full size.

Baby veggies are popular today because they are more tender & easier to enjoy raw. The time that you choose depends on what you like. I grow several varieties some for salads & some large ones for my juicers.

Starting seed every 2 weeks through the season will give you plenty all season long & let you have fresh carrots all winter. As fall starts getting frosty, you can take some fresh clean straw & cover your carrots. When you want some sweet carrots just dig some up & enjoy all winter.

This is an easy to grow root crop. It is so versatile to grow I think you will see as the season progresses. Keep them well weeded & hold the nitrogen, carrots are making storage roots not green tops. Side dress them with 5-10-15 every 30 days & that will give you fine sweet orange roots.

In other words there is no right or wrong time to harvest Carrots just take your finger and feel around the top of the root & you will feel the size with out hurting the roots at the bottom.

Just enjoy the growing part & don't worry about the right time, that is when you enjoy them the most. I like them young & sweet best
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To add to what Marturo has said - if the seeds were planted too close, you may have to thin them out to avoid crowding. To compensate for what you discard, plant another row a few inches from the first. In the fall, you can actually dig two rows with a fork at the same time. I've dug up mature carrots from half frozen ground, they're still great for soups, etc.


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