help! bamboo from neighbor's yard


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Unhappy help! bamboo from neighbor's yard

We just bought a house and have bamboo coming in from the neighbor's yard and it is pushing up all the paving stones in the back porch area. We are willing to do a bit of demolition in the backyard we just want to get rid of the darn stuff. What do we do?
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Bamboo can be more invasive than a run in hose.

See this thread for a discussion of solutions.

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Bamboo invading

hi kimgoooo

You have a big problem. Bamboo grows outward like a fairy ring of a Mushroom. It will die out in 200 years from the center out.

I have read where people have to go to small claims court & get a judgement where the owner of the invasive plant has to pay for removal of the invader plant.

Bamboo will crack basement floors pipes septic fields etc. I am an Organic grower, but if I knew of something you could spray to kill it back I would tell you in a heart beat.

Perhaps my Partner Chfite has some info that I an not aware of, & we can work from there. I would do a search on your states laws concerning a neighbors Rights, when there property is being damaged by an invading plant like Bamboo.

I'm going to wait for Chfite & do some searching on my own for now. Hang in there we will come up with something. Please post again so he will know how big the bamboo is eg. diameter of the big canes, how high does it grow anything you think may help to know what type of bamboo this is.
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The most direct route

If I had the problem, I would dig it out. You have to be very thorough and get it all. There are lots of roots, and the plant will sprout from any pieces that are left behind.

The herbicide treatments that are discussed on the University of Texas site still require considerable time to work. I like to solve a problem like this in a straighforward fashion. Of course, I still pull weeds because it gets rid of them right then.

To keep the plant from returning, I would create a barrier at the property line. The American Bamboo Society defines a barrier as:

"To prevent a running bamboo from spreading, a “rhizome barrier” is essential. A barrier two or three feet deep is effective. It should be slanted outward at the top so that when the rhizomes hit the barrier they will bend upwards. A barrier does not stop a running rhizome; it only deflects it. The barrier should project an inch or two above ground level. Check the barrier once a year, and cut off rhizomes that arch over the top."

"Barriers can be concrete, or metal, or plastic. The usual recommendation is high-density polypropylene, 40 mil or heavier, glued or taped at junctions, or clamped with stainless-steel clamps. This material comes in rolls, or as hinged sections, and is available from some landscape suppliers and bamboo nurseries, frequently termed root barrier. More elaborate barriers with corner posts that hold the material at the proper angle are also available."

Even at that, this is a considerable project to install a barrier 3 feet deep. Even a trencher you could rent won't dig as deep as 3 feet.

I read one account where a guy and his son dug a stand of bamboo out with a backhoe.

I doubt that installing landscape fabric over the surface horizontally would do any good. The rhizomes would just keep moving until they found daylight.

It might be worthwhile to talk to the neighbor about this scourge. He may not be aware that it has become a problem. Then again, it may not help.

Keep us posted on this problem. This is like kudzu, it never gets better on its own.

Hope this helps.

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