Hydrangia blooms


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Hydrangia blooms

I have quite a few hydrangia bushes in the back yard that flower beautifully each and every year ( more from pure luck than my masterful gardening skills though )
2 of the plants used to have beautiful blue blooms, but now have changed to a light pink.
Someone said that it's the acidity in my soil, but they had no idea how i could get the levels back up.
I love the look of the blue/purple flowers and would love to try to get those colors back.
Can you give me a hand?

I do have other flowers in the beds containing the hydrangias, so if boosting the acidity level is going to effect my other plants i'll just live with the pink flowers, but if there's a way to do it that will have no ill effect on the rest of the plants in the area i would like to try.

I am in Ontario, Canada, if that makes a difference and i get full sun in the back yard, all day.
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Here is an informative page on hydrangea.


The blue flowers come from acidic soil. What else is in the bed with the hydrangea? There are many shrubs that do well in acidic soil, so you might be able to manage this more.

Here is a forum dedicated to hydrangea alone.


Hope this helps.

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