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Unhappy strawberry plants

Hi all... I need help with my strawberry plants. The tips of them are red and the leaves usually die and then new leaves grow back but none seem to live at all. One plant in particular the runner I think is red. I am new to gardening and I did buy a strawberry planter but my strawberries were not doing too well in them at all. I took them out of there and put them in a temporary flower pot. I do have them outside and whenever I did put them in direct sunlight, the leaves turned yellow. They were indoors at first and they were doing very well. Then they started growing a few berries and after that the leaves started changing colors. The tips were first brown and then it eventually it moved back through the leaves and I had to cut them off. What am I doing wrong? Any help at all would be appreciated.
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It sounds a little bit as if your strawberry plants may have been stressed too much. Strawberry pots are okay, but the plants need particular attention durind times of dry weather. Moving them too much will certainly stress them. Sometimes some of the leaves will change color, but by now, they should all be sending out new runner plants.
If you have room for a permanent bed in the garden, put them out there and give them a bit of fertilizer, and water regularly if rain is short. They will need a good root system to make it through the cold winter. Also pay attention that the crowm of the plant is not planted too deeply.

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thanks... I moved them outside today and hopefully they will survive the transplant.


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