Weed Barrier????


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Question Weed Barrier????

I'm going to add topsoil and mulch around my house and want to know if it is worth laying down all of the black fabric to keep weeds out??
If yes, is there a special type?
If no, what is the best way to help keep the weeds down?
Preen Maybe??
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In and of itself, mulch will help keep weeds down. Landscape fabric is the next step in definitive weed control. Roots won't grow through it, so the weeds cannot sprout through it from below. Of course, the mulch will eventually support growth as it decays and some plants will inevitably sprout. There is no panacea.

When you go to plant something where the landscaping fabric is installed, permanent plants will need to have the fabric slit and laid back so that the root system can fully develop.

I like mulch by itself for the most part, because its decay contributes to the quality of the soil. Plus, it gives all the earthworms something to do.

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Smile A couple of last minute thoughts.

Hello, Jim777 Welcome to DIYs Garden Forum

Just to add to chfites excellent post.

You asked: If yes, is there a special type?

Yes indeed, you will want to use the porous landscaping fabric. Some types are non-porous, & will not allow a water & oxygen exchange to take place.

One last thought is your choice of mulch. For a wood mulch it's hard to beat Eculyptus wood mulch. Other hard woods will allow mushrooms to grow, & that may or may not be a concern.

Best of luck on your project.
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If you can get the DuPont stuff in 10' widths I highly reccomend it. I have used it in the past for very large areas and have minimal weeds growing. I often put down the weed barrier, then cover it with 2-3 inches of mushroom compost, then 4-5 inches of mulch. This way no weeds and you can plant without cutting Xs in the fabric.

If you want to kill weeds beforehand, black 6 mil plastic held down by a few cement blocks will kill back most vegitation so you can prep the ground.


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