what do I do with a mini rose bush?


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what do I do with a mini rose bush?

I was given this last Spring for Mother's Day. It's in a pot, and has mini roses on it (thus the name (LOL). I've had the pot on my front porch railing, which faces south and gets a lot of light. I moved it back out of the direct sun at the height of summer, it looked like it was getting too dry.

It's been blooming, but now is starting to look kind of dry and brittle.

I live in Northern Vermont, and it's now getting cooler, especially at night.

The person who gave it to me said he was told I could leave it in the pot, or plant it in the ground. I left it in the pot.

What do I do with it now it's getting into cooler/colder weather?

I've heard of bringing geraniums in and cutting them down, and letting them be dorment over winter, and they revive and bloom again in the spring.

I have also brought plants inside in the Fall, and had them dry up, leaves all fall off and they totally die.

It would be nice to keep it over winter, is it too much to expect that it could be on a sunny windowsill over winter and bloom?

If so (or not) what would anyone suggest?


~ Carrie
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I have one that I got for my wife, who can kill any plant. I keep it in the kitchen window, morning sun. I keep it watered. I give it a good soak, then let it get dry before watering it. It blooms from time to time, but almost all of the time. I keep thinking about moving it outside, but it is so small it would get lost in the landscape here. It is a cheerful little plant that should not get to be so big that it could not just stay in the window for years.

Here is a site for miniature roses:


Hope this helps.

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