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I have been searching the forum to learn more about tomato blight. I live in Central Iowa. We had a wet, cool spring and then turned pretty hot and dry. I water frequently. But, I think I brought blight into my garden problems. A friend finally told me that was what I have. The bottom 2/3 of the plant has lost it's leaves. There appear to be several big green tomatoe yet. I bought some fungal spray at Earl May's today. How do I apply this? Do I spray the entire plant, just the green that is left, try not to get it on the tomatoes? I will certainly watch closer next year to get a handle on it before the plant gets so brown. I don't seem to have blight in any other vegetable in the garden. Any help would be greatly appreciated. For the forum posting that said they remove most of the branches on the lower part anyway, are you talking about the sucker stems?

Thanks much,
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Hi Lil' Gardener

Do a search for the white sheet/papper by searching the name of product on .

Most blights are inside the plant & the Fungiside will only help prevent not cure this fungal problem. We use Copper sulfate from day one yet this year in the NC Mountains we lost everything to blights.

Cover the entire plant & use a spreader sticker, or your spray will wash right off. The blight is in the air so it can enter anywhere. Wash any ripe fruit with a weak mix of a natural orange oil cleaner to remove spray.

Use as dirrected by the white sheet, you should have a fold out on the container you bought.

Let us know if you make it in time.


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