Cats and My garden


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Angry Cats and My garden

I have several questions about cats... I know that it is fall now but I do have some vegetables that are still thriving pretty well until this stray cat came my way. I have cucumber plants in a pot outside and they were doing very very well. This stray cat has totally destroyed my corn plants. They were thriving very well until the cat decided to poop there. There must have been seven or 8 piles of the stuff all in my corn. I have my strawberries next to them and it is starting to poop there too. My cucumbers were doing very very well and then all of a sudden there is this white powder stuff all over the leaves and the cucumbers are now starting to turn orange and the growth has taking a turn for the worse. I do fertilize them and we have had a lot of rain lately so I do think the plants are being fed pretty well. I am concerned if the cat is urinating in my pots and killing off my plants or that fall is here and they are dying because of that or because of insect pests or a little of all of them. I do have some stuff that you can spray near the garden that will "keep" the cat away and that worked for a little but this is getting out of control. I want to have a garden next year also and would like to know what I can do to deter the cat. The spray costs ten dollars a can and I don't feel like getting a new can of this stuff every week because of a stupid cat. Also, there is a lot right next to our house and a few other cats hang out there too. I am pretty sure that they are not going in my garden but I know for a fact one cat definitely goes in my garden because it is constantly sitting on our porch all of the time. I don't want to hurt the cat because it is friendly but I don't want my garden destroyed next year either because of it... I called the humane society in my area and they said that they do not pick up cats... Please Help!!!

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Keeping cats off of things is challenging. The most effective treatment may be to trap the cat and take it to the shelter. You may be able to borrow or rent a suitable trap from the animal control folks.

Hope this helps.
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I GOT IT!!!!

You know that animal control is not going to do anything. They are quite overcrowded with animals as it it. I would give this a try.

I bet there are other products out there like this one. I google'd "motion activated sprinkler". A bunch of sites came up.

Let us know what you try. I think this one would work.

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Thanks so much for everyone's help!!! I actually looked at the site with the motion sprinklers and the price is very reasonable. I wish I had that earlier in the summer lol... I will be ready next summer for those darn persky cats lol... Thank you so much. THe price I seen so far was $60.00... I am going to check out some nurseries near by to see if the prices are lower and I am assuming that they may be on clearance because summer is over...

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Where do you live in PGH? I grew up there.

I would look a google search and you could prolly find a lower price, but they may whack you on shipping. I think these motion things sound like a good idea.

You could always get a dog.
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Actually, I have lived here in Pittsburgh all of my life. You are not missing much. The taxes are going up and the city is in more debt. They had to lay off police officers in August lol... I would get a dog but if I did, it would destroy my garden too

I actually found out about how to search the internet for the best prices on things and I will look later on this week when I have more time. Thanks again for the advice
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Oops... sorry I read your post over and I live in West Homestead... they now have the Waterfront out here... it is like a little strip mall out here. They have Giant Eagle and Lowes movie theatre, Lowe's home depot stores, Best Buy, Michaels, Target, a TON of restaurants, Target, Kaufmans... the list goes on and on. They have done a very nice job but unfortunately there is a LOT MORE TRAFFIC than before.

It is so bad that it is very difficult to park...
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I have the same problem with cats in my garden.

I read the articles on the "motion activated sprinkler" and thought YESSSS that's what I need BUT I live in Australia.

Never one to say die, I looked up the same product in Australia.. Price? $174.00AUS its times like these I wished I lived there LOL

Good luck with the cat problem Misty.... I'm sure the sprinkler is the way to go..

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Smile Do it yourself

Hi mum,

It's things like high prices that bring out the DIYer in all of us. I'm sure there may be plans online or just look at & copy the dog gone over priced thing.

Motion dectector & a water valve that opens using a 9volt battery. When that cat get's a blast of watter in the pus, I don't think what hit them needs to clack to get the point across.

We don't have to build it perfect to get the job done. They say we are different than the great Apes due to our tool making skills.

I would use 3 small hard hitting water jets for a sure hit, and a good sting, see I'm already making it better, & that's just one reason to be a DIYer

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LOL Marturo.... too true in all those words.. now we all thinking about it hey....

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