New Landscape


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New Landscape

I have a few questions..

1) Is it to late to plant grass this year..I live in Pittsburgh Pa...

2)I am going to totally relandscape my front yard and need some info... are ther any websites that can assist me in the planning stages or should I go to local nusery's....When i decide what to plant should I purchase my plants at the local nusery's or does anyone know of a wholesaler in the Pittsburgh area....How late in the year can I plant.....

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You might get grass in if there is a month before the first killing frost. Check with your local extension service. This will vary by type of grass, too.

I used a landscape architect who did the design and layout for my entire yard plan for $300. See it here for an example.

One value of a local architect is his knowledge of the climate and suitability of plants.

This gave me the benefits of his knowledge and experience with plant selections and design. It lists the names, scientific and common, for each plant. That way, I can be sure what I am buying.

I buy my plants locally, and make sure to select the best quality plants I can find. Poor quality plants will disappoint you later on.

Except for the driveway and berm in the front, I have done all the work myself. This is my 5 year project.

Photos at

Trees and woody shrubs can be planted pretty much any time of the year, provided frozen ground is not a problem. The best time is fall and winter. I have planted plenty of things in the heat of summer. Bulbs go in in the fall. Annuals go in in the spring and early summer.

Hope this helps.
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Smile Planing and planting

Hi Thomas Welcome to DIYs Garden Forum.

I have been enjoying and designing Gardens since the early 70s. I am never bored or run out of new things to learn.

Today with the Internet it is not as hard to find the information needed to find judge & buy from some realy good Plant & Seed resellers.
The link above will help you to find the honest Resellers that are judged by us the growers.

Helpful Garden Links has been a big help here in a sticky thread that covers many need to know garden information. is more the less you ask eg. (Plant Nursery Pittsburgh Pa.) ( Perrenial plants of Pa.) Of course almost every website has Links from other web sites so check them and their links. Make a Folder on your desktop labled Landscaping & keep your find files in there.

There are other forums & Clubs, enough to keep you busy all Winter. Many Collages have some of the best information on plants. Like any design job you must keep a notebook to write down ideas you find.

We are lucky here on the East Coast in that we have so many Wholesale growers that we can find any size & price range we are looking for. I hope I was able to give you some ideas on starting your task of planing. Keep in mind that most landscaping we do ourselves has a way of evolving over the years.

We have quite a few forums here @ DIY so ask questions, you are amoung Do it Yourselfers, & they know all the tricks. How late in the year can I plant? (Many off the plants we plant in Fall or late Winter, depends on the plant of course.

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The optimum time for grass seed is September. The next best time will be late january, early February. You might go ahead and sow the seed now. All it will take is a week or so of mild (70's) weather. You can overseed in February.

Do utilize local nurseries. One or two may even do a landscape plan for free. Just remember to buy your plants from them.

Fall is the best time to plant. You can plant up until the ground freezes. The roots will grow until the ground freezes and will actually do better because to plants energy is devoted to root growth, not above ground growth.
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Thanks for your help...
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Good comments.

Where do you live in PGH, Thomas?

I grew up there.

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