New Fig Tree


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New Fig Tree

I planted a small fig tree last september. The tree survived
the cold winter in fine shape. This summer the tree grow great.
I have about a dozen small figs. They are too small too eat. Since
this is my first try a growing a tree I need some guidance.
Should I remove all the figs before I wrap the tree for the winter.
I want to thank you guys for the advice you gave me in july
about prunning my tomatoe plants. They really did well. My
friends don't believe a city boy can grow anything. Thanks in
Farmer Ron
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Welcome the forum.

I am guessing that you wrap the tree in winter because you are in zone 6?

Some fig info:

If the fruit is not useful, then pull it. Otherwise, it may attract insects as it decays.

Fig production will increase with the age and size of the tree.

I am in zone 7 and my fig trees do fine. They are quite old. Some with trunks 12 inches in diameter. I prune them in winter to open the canopy and make the fruit accessible from the ground.

It is novel, but my dogs eat most of the figs within four feet of the ground. One has learned how to climb up into the biggest tree partway. It is funny to watch her in the tree, eating figs.

Hope this helps.

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