Freezing peppers


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Freezing peppers

Is it true that you can freeze bell and other peppers by just seeding and putting into freezer bags?
Will they make good stir fry?
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Here is a pretty good article on freezing peppers.

Hope this helps.
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Like alot of other things we try to freeze, when they are taken out and thawed usually they are somewhat mushy.
We have had good luck making stuffed peppers though, since they'll be baked and end up soft anyway.

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Smile Freezing Peppers.

We freeze at least 30 to 40 lbs of Jalapenos same #s as with Gypsy's red/ Orange sweet peppers, & about 10 lbs of very HOT Peppers every year.

Two years ago we got a Vacuum seal & I have to say that, some what mushiness we had is 3/4 gone now. We think the ice inside the freezer bags was the reason for both the mushy, and the loss of color and taste after 5 to 6 months frozen.

Just another trick along the way, but everything we freeze now gets vacuum sealed & what a difference in taste color & lasting power.

Marturo, Pepper lovers club of America
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Thanks guys, I now have all the info I need.

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