Problem Acorns


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Problem Acorns

I have a beautiful pin oak that is about 25 years old in the back yard. I love the tree however, is there any way to via a spray or chemical applied at the correct time in the year to stop the tree from producing acorns. I do not want to hurt the tree. Just stop the acorns.

Please reply
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Not really, not that I know of.
Like the rest of us, you'll have to contend with blowin' them away, raking them up, mowing over them, and/or pulling up the lil saplings with the 6 inch tap roots.

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I would think that like most plants fertilization occurs when the pistils are open and ready for pollination. Maybe there is another weed killer or herbicide that could block the process fora week or so. Anyone have an idea on what type of product works that way?
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Oaks open the flowers in stages so that the male and female flowers aren't open at the same time. All the flowers don't open at once. If there were such a chemical to spray on the flowers, you would likely have to spray the tree several times a day for a couple of weeks to prevent fertilization.

There is little that is more persistent than life. The purpose of the oak tree is to produce oak trees, so there will be acorns.

Some things in nature are messy. At least it is not a sweet gum tree.

Hope this helps.

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