Too late to transplant?


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Question Too late to transplant?

I have a black raspberry cane I want to transplant. The nights have gotten below freezing but the days are still in the 50's. Is it too late?

It's pretty long with lots of branching. Should I prune it first?

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If it hs dropped its leaves, prune it. It is actually a good time to transplant. Take as much of the root ball as possible. Keep it watered for the next couple of weeks, if appropriate in your climate.

Hope this helps.
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Smile Black vrs Red Raspberries

Here in Western NC we transplant in late Feb, but as far as pruning the blacks, they do not get cut back to the ground.

Black & purple Raspberries produce fruit on second year canes, with most of their friut on sideshoots. Cut back the tips on new shoots, when they are 2.5 to4 feet long in Spring & Summer, this will initiate bushy growth. This is the way to get great production the next season.

A good 3 or 4 inches of clean straw will protect the roots as they grow into Spring. Keep the Reds & blacks well away from each other for health reasons.

In for a real taste treat Yummmm!


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