Yikes! Banana tree and cold


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Yikes! Banana tree and cold

Hi folks,

I live in Vancouver, B.C., which means our winters are quite mild compared to the rest of Canada (it only gets below freezing once in a while and in many winters it doesn't snow at all).

18 months ago, I bought a house that had a nice banana tree in the backyard. The previous owner told me that except with trimming off the huge old leaves every spring, it didn't need any extra care.

It came through last winter beautifully, and was gorgeous all summer. I saw no reason to do anything different this year.

But a few weeks ago, we had an unseasonably cold snap (-10C or 15F), and now the tree has collapsed entirely. It's lying flat in my backyard.[list=1][*]Is it dead?[*]If so (sniff), any tips?[*]If not (yay!), any tips?[/list=1]Thanks.
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Hi Greg,

Here in Northwest Georgia it gets colddddddd in the winter. Neighbors and relatives have banana trees and they do the juicey, slimey rot each winter. Come spring, after cleaning away the old tree, the new ones flourish with the warm weather. A sudden cold spell after initial growth will retard them some but they still do very well.

Of course no banana's, but that's what Hawaii, California and Florida are for!

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