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Are you getting what you need to Prune & repair your trees?

Are you getting what you need to Prune & repair your trees?


Old 01-26-04, 12:40 PM
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Smile Are you getting what you need to Prune & repair your trees?

As I sit here with an inch of Ice all over the roads & trees my mind is thinking of the Trees. The Trees that need pruned those with broken branches & the borers that need removed in the Peaches & other stone fruit trees.

Fruit, ornmentals, Trees of all kinds will need work next month, & now is the time to get tools & plans ready.

I use 3 sizes of Bow Saws, a small 12" a 24" & a 3 footer, all need new blades each year. Good quality hand cutters both the small one hand type & the larger two hand type.

Then theres the pole trimmer with curved saw & hook rope pull cutter. These come in handy if you don't have or can't work off a ladder.

I also use a spray & brush on Tree wound dressing, that before we waste to much time debating on the other opinion of not using anything on the wound. Look it up yourselves & make your own mind up, on using or not using.

One given is, a tree like any living thing heals faster from a clean cut, rather than a splintery mess caused by dull cutting tools. Sharp saw blades & new pruners unless you have the high quality ones you can sharpen, or replace the blades.

Yes I have 3 Chain saws also & I have damaged trees due to the weight & lack of control you get. Not so with a Swedish Bow Saws of differing sizes. Iv'e tried a little of everything over the last 3 decades & in time comes Garden wisdom. I remember pruning my first Apple tree I'm lucky it lived LOL. I was not a born pruner, I had to learn to do it myself, from some very good Teachers.

We have just scrached the surface, once we get our tools hand,& eye protection together it's time to plan how we want to shape, trim & repair the different trees & bushes we have.

For those of you who have been triming & pruning your trees & bushes. How about sharing some ideas you have found with us, that works well on Winter Pruning. Also for those who have not done this yet, & want to get your plans ready please just ask away. Tools & pruning plans, this is the time to get ready & next month we will get outside & start our 2004 Gardening season .

Fruit trees will need a Dormant oil spray & a Lime Sulpher spray after that. This will save you so much trouble later on it is a 10 in importance to do every year.

http://www.felcostore.com/pruners.jsp Check these out! I'd walk a mile for a felco pruning product & DIY has them all.

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Old 02-07-04, 09:37 PM
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Smile Why prune when it is so unpleasent outdoors?

I was asked this question & I'll answer with the answer I was given. After spending a lifetime growing up in the Tropics I made my way to Central Ohio for 7 years.

An old Farmer that lived down the road from our Farm grew many Apples & pears. He told me that when it was so cold out I did not like it, that was the time to Prune the trees.

When it's cold 40 and below for weeks the trees are asleep & the bugs & Fungi & Bactieria were not growing. What better time is there he asked me? That hard won bit of wisdom made perfect sense to me, & that was 1974.

I have not had to amputate a limb nor have I lost a tree by pruning during the cold of Febuary. Now if your in North Ga you may have to prune in late Jan just ask you County Agent.

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