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Tree Start

I would like to start a new beech tree from a friends tree. It is a very rare tri color beech tree and is absolutely gorgeous, however, finding one around here is all but impossible or not cost effective.

How would I go about starting a new tree from my friends tree and what time of year is best for doing this?

Thank You.
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im sure there are other ways, but you could try aerial propigation. i will try to discribe the method i know of.

1. find a young tender branch,about the size of a pencil, with soft bark.
2. gently girdle thr branch in two places about 2-3" apart.
3. peel the bark away leaving the green cambium layer exposed.
4.use clear plastic and peat moss/ potting soil.
5. wet the soil and use enough to cover the wound.
6. wrap the plastic and soil around entire area and tie off gently wit twine.

the cover will stay moist allowing roots to form inside. keep an eye on it for a few weeks. when you see plenty of roots, cut it off behind the new roots and plant. probably better to start in a container.
let us know how it works. i have not tried it lately, but i have seen it work before.
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From the little acorn the mightiest oak grows.

Or beech nut in this case!

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