Need a good buffering tree


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Need a good buffering tree

I currently live in Central NJ and own approximately an acre of property. For the past year that my wife and I have owned the house, we have had woods behind us. Recently (and we were warned before we bought the house) a developer has begun clearing trees for a 13 home development. These trees were not removed directly behind us, but at an angle. This now will provide no privacy for our backyard, especially the pool area.

Here is a link to the before and after pics.

I am looking to install a row of decent buffering trees from the end of my neighbors fence to the existing treeline behind us. There are a couple of items I need to take into consideration.

1. As always, cost. A friend of mine used to be a landscaper and said he and I could do the work. I am probably looking at adding 10 trees or so at least.

2. What size to start with. Of course I would like 20 foot spruces right off the bat, but the cost would be crazy and we could not do the install.

3. What is a good tree to go with? I have 2 aborvities (spelling) in my front. They are pretty cheap looking, but do provide a solid buffer. I was hoping for some other suggestions.

Any help/suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I am also thinking of getting a couple of landscapers in for their thoughts (and prices).
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The over used but effective Leyland Cypress. Or other Cypress varieties that may be more cost effective. These are similar to Arborvitae (sp?).
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What is the life expectency of these types of trees? I would like a fast grower, but would rather have something that develops over time and lasts longer than me.
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Cryptomeria are what I have planted for a developing wind break for my house. It grows rapidly, but is not a weak tree or short-lived. I planted some two years ago. They have grown from 3 feet to 8 feet tall, with good conical shaping.

Here are some informative links about this evergreen tree.

The expected eventual size is 50 feet with a spread of 10 feet. Planted in an offset patter should give you a decent screen in a year. Two to three years should give you a great screen.

You may be able to buy these in larger sizes to achieve a screen the first year from the planting pattern.

Hope this helps.
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Thank you. I will look into these.
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Buffering trees

All the properties I have lived on I have planted pine trees along property lines for privacy and to reinforce property lines and barriers because they tend to be fast growing. I took into consideration size of plantings at maturity and planted appropriate distance 'plus' to accommodate property lines and trees at mature growth. I did not plant in a straight row, but staggered, in case a tree failed to properly thrive.

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