moving a large established bougainvillea


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moving a large established bougainvillea

Hi... I have a very large bougainvillea in front of my house against the house wall... I didn't even realize that's what it was until today because it looks very different than the ones I have in my backyard.. The ones in my back yard bloom soo much and are grouwing wider.. the one in front seems to be stretching out and away from the house and does not bloom much at all.

It is big. I have wanted to get rid of it actually because it's an eye sore in the front of the house but I think Moving it to the rear of the house may give it renewed life.

thing is it's huge and has been there for years and years. Is it possible to uproot it and transpant it to the back? I'm not sure if that will just kill it..

another option to just cut the stmes off and move that, then get rid of the trunk but i have no idea of the stems will root.. i'm searching online for this info but it eludes me.
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Here's a how to on rooting:

You could try to move it if you can cut it back and get almost all of the root ball. Keep it watered until it takes hold.

Hope this helps.
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remember that bougainvillas bloom better in full sun and when kept a little on the dry side. some of the most beautiful bloomers i ever saw were in the wild.

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