mold gorwing in planters


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mold gorwing in planters

I have two planters, one with various herbs, and the other with various peppers, both just starting out. The herbs haven't been doing so well and today I noticed a light gray mold growing on the soil of both planters. Is this something I should be concerned about, and if so, what can I do to fix this?

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It is probably mildew. Wash it off with bleach 25% in water and some soap. Rinse thoroughly, let dry. The moisture contributes to its development.
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Is it definitely a mold/mildew? Sometimes pots get white, crusty, nonliving blotches of salts that have leached out ot the soil. If that's the case, water the plant freely without a pan under it, so all the excess water runs out. Do this a few times, maybe over the course of a day, until the water runs clear. Go easy on the fertilizer for the next few waterings, then resume your regular routine.

You can also just wipe off mold with a cloth or soft scrub brush. It will grow back, but so what?

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