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Question Looking for privacy

I have a 6 foot fence that runs along my property line aprox. 100 feet which sheilds the nearby neighbors house ok. I would like to plant a line of bushes/trees/shrubs this summer that will offer the same or better privacy in 6 years when my fence is ready to fall down.... What should I look at that will grow 6+ feet and fill in well. I live in the northeast (RI). I dont want a tall hedge as I would not want the upkeep. I was thinking maybe a pine tree of some type??? Any suggestions.
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Foster holly, cryptomeria, leyland cypress, verbena, eleagnus, and so on.

You might check with your local nursery to see what is popular and successful in your area. Especially, if you need to buy enough for 100 feet.
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Colorado blue spruce, Picea glauca, is a lovely screen-- a row of blue-green christmas trees. They aren't as dense as hollies, but they can definitely demarcate the property line.
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I think the christmas tree idea might be a little too much in 10 years... the fact sheet said the can grown up to 60 feet and be as broad as 20! Yikes! Anything smaller? I failed to mention that another house sits 15 feet on the other side of the fence... I have seen pine trees but they arent the christmas tree type.. more of a long needle and not too tall... 10 feet or so.
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I'm pretty much on the same boat as you, I'm trying to block the view of my neighbors yard also.
When it came down to planting, I had 3 choices:

Pivet hedge: Cheap , some what fast growing, but very high upkeep.

Pine: Maybe it was just me but they were very expensive, the only pines I could find that would stay thin but grow tall were some where in the price range of $40.00 a tree. They are the best choice when it comes to looks but they take up to much space.

I ended up going with Pyramidalis Arborvitae, they are a slow grower but I purchased them at 4 foot tall for $15.00 a tree. I planted them 4 foot a part, in 5 years they will be as tall as my 6 foot fence. They grow 25-40 feet tall and they look great all year round. For the money I think they are the best bet.

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