animal ate my bark!


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animal ate my bark!

I have a small apple tree that i noticed the bark had been completely chewed off around the trunk. Well I put up some chicken wire to prevent further freeloaders but is there something i should wrap around the trunk to prevent disease?
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Apple tree girdling.

Hi JamesnRhonda

Let me start by saying that when we planted our new bare root fruit trees, heres what we did. After we planted them we cut lengths of plastic tree trunk wrap around tree, from 1 inch below the soil to as high as we could get it from 1.5 to 2 feet.

Then we took 3 small wooden stakes & put them in at equal distances 3 feet from the trunk, then tied soft hemp twine guywires to keep the rootless sticks from blowing over. We had a bad wind storm 3 days later, & none fell over.

Rabbits are very bad for eating the bark of young Apple & fruit trees after you plant them, if they ( Rabbits/Deer ) eat the bark all the way around the trunk, the tree will die. We left our tree guards on for 2 full years, only removing them to spray the dormant oil, lime-sulfer & surround on the trunk, to control bark bug damage.

There are other animals who eat tree bark, but what is most important now is. Has the outer bark been eaten all the way around? Or just part of the way.

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Smile Important subject

Hello Gardeners

I believe this is far to important to just let die.

As many of us watch the price of food go up & up we will realize that we can cut costs by growing our own. That includes the fruit trees, bushes & brambles.

It's too late once a rabbit eats all the way round the trees trunk, or we have Peach leaf curl so bad the tree suffers. There so much that must be done just to protect our plants & Trees so we don't have to treat them later on in the season.

Trees: Dormant oil sprayed before the tree wakes will kill so many eggs etc that it can make the difference all summer. Lime/Sulfer can avert fungal problems. Sorround can be used all summer laike a white paint to repel bugs, cool plants so they are not set back by wilting.

Let's keep this going, you ask & we will find the answers for you. I am not the only one who has grown Fruit trees. I was a Market Grower & have kept up on all the new Organic products coming into the market.

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