Pachysandra against house


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Pachysandra against house

Our house has pachysandra around most of the perimeter. It is in contact with stone foundation, stained wood shingles, or flashing at various points. Is this a bad thing? We do have occasional carpenter ant infestations in the basement, but nothing I haven't been able to handle thus far.

Should I apply an herbicide and gain a foot of space between the house and any vegetation? Should I put down some stone/gravel. How about wood chips, although that seems perhaps counterintuitive with regard to the ants?

Thanks for any guidance you guys can offer.
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Plants should not touch the house. They conduct moisture to the house where there need be none. Might provide a foot path for critters, too.
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What IS OK against the house to avoid vermin? My new property has Pachysandra against the garage side, (no basement there), and a variety of bushes and other plants around the perimeter, including grass.
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Just like was said 9 years ago in this thread nothing is OK right against the house. You want a good air space to help prevent mold, mildew and insects. In general keeping the area clear and open will help discourage vermin. Snakes, mice and other critters don't like to be out in the open so they often seek out places they can move about without exposing themselves.

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