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Question replant holly

I need to transplant some holly plants into larger planters. I have both verigated and regular holly. Do I need a particular type of potting soil or does it matter? I live in the Southern California area.
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Soiless mix

Hi mysts99

When I was in school 1967/ 1968 we made our own soil from Soil, pearlite, vermiculite. Then under a large fire hose like cover 25x25 with the soil side full of pinholes.

The class mixed the pile with shovels, then put it into a big pile. We then steamed the pile to sterilize the weed seed, fungi & disiese. It was clean but had clay & that get's hard as a rock when it dries out.

Today it is much better to buy a good quality soiless mix. Soiless mixes are not found at discount DIY stores like Lowe's, Wal-Mart etc. Find a Feed & seed or a larg nursery they have good soiless mixes.

Soiless is made from fine spagnum peat moss, perlite, verniculite & has a netural PH. Many cheap soil mixes have rotten unsterlized bark from saw mills that have eggs that can infect your plants.

You can get a seedling or a plant mix I would use the plant mix in your case.
You will pay double for the Sunshine mix over jungle soil & other Forest products junk soil.

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